What is PelviPower ™ and how does it work?

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The entire muscular system of the pelvis and in the hip, buttocks and thigh area is trained. The repeating magnetic pulse stimulates and relaxes the pelvic floor muscles on a neuromuscular basis. The micromassage effect significantly stimulates blood circulation in the entire trunk as well as in the lower lumbar region.

Noticeable effect from the first unit

15-20 minutes per training session in street clothes

More effective than conventional

pelvic floor self-training

Great success through optimal pelvic floor strengthening thanks to innovative technology

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In humans, the pelvic floor lies in the pelvic cavity. Its task is to secure the position of the abdominal and pelvic organs and to support the closure of the anus, vagina and urethra.

An untrained pelvic floor can often be the cause of many complaints: incontinence, bladder weakness, potency problems, back pain, menstrual pain, loss of libido, etc.

Regular training with PelviPower ™ noticeably strengthens the pelvic floor. The proverbial "power from within" leads to more independence and quality of life. In sport, a strong pelvic floor creates stability and strength.

Did you know?

In conventional training, contractions have to be induced deliberately through targeted tensing / relaxing. 

When exercising on the PelviPower ™, the pelvic floor muscles are contracted up to 25,000 times by magnetic impulses. 

 In this way, PelviPower ™ training ensures maximum success and stabilizes the connection between the brain and the muscle cells in the entire core of the body.

Our Team

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Kata Bene

Product manager


" I am very proud to represent PelviPower in Spain. It is not just a fantastic business opportunity, but it will help a lot of Spanish people. I'm happy to bring all benefits of this professional product to my favourite country."


Angie Rodriguez G.

Operator / Pilates Instructor


" I am enthusiastic of the human body, I love the magic of all perfect machinery, which works us. When I have met PelviPower I was surprised how quick, how easy and how efficient it is. I am sure we can help lot of people to feel better soon!"


Chris Davies

Business man


" I tried to be always first in raw and catch the opportunity before others. I am very happy to have the first PelviPower Magnetic and Biofeedback Chairs in Spain. It helps to grow my business, open new customer base, new marketing communication and never the less help on people. "

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